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Is This Blog “Social Media”?

Mitch Wagner asks on the Facebook social media platform, "Is blogging a form of social media?" and (skipping over the "a form of" part of his question) my answer was mostly no. Not that blogging isn't social, but with all different kinds of media, I think you need to qualify your terms. It was an interesting […]

08 Jul 2014

Facebook’s Frictionless Sharing Not So Smooth

When Mark Zuckerberg introduced the new Open Graph at F8 in September, it was touted as enabling more frictionless social sharing of activities on the internet.  It sounded good at the time: by opting in to Facebook-ready versions of websites and applications, you didn't need to think before sharing. You knew by opting in that […]

23 Nov 2011

Why Facebook is Counting on Backlash Fatigue

It seems simple to me:  Facebook rolls out some interface changes before their f8 conference. Users always complain about interface changes, and they do.  Then at f8, Facebook announces some additional changes that aren't yet rolled out, but will be soon. Compared to the first set, though, these are really game changers. But Facebook can calculate […]

27 Sep 2011

New at Facebook: Timeline, Open Graph, Much More

I attended Facebook's f8 developer conference yesterday virtually, tuning into the morning keynote sessions via Facebook video. I saved $500, and besides that, I had already brought my lunch. Facebook's announcements at f8 yesterday come on the heels of a number of other changes, and they should be considered together to form a bigger picture […]

23 Sep 2011

Still not liking “Like”

I heard Ronn Owens this morning on KGO radio (SF) asking people to go to Facebook and "like" his program so you could get updates in your feed. He had to clarify that you didn't have to really like everything he says, but that's how it works. A year ago when Facebook changed "become a […]

13 Apr 2011

Falling off the Cluetrain: Schrage’s Defense of Facebook

Facebook VP of Public Policy Elliot Schrage recently answered reader questions for the New York Times. As a public service, here’s what he said, along with my opinions. Schrage: “Our mission is for Facebook to be the best place in the world to connect and share with friends and family." My opinion: Facebook’s mission is […]

14 May 2010