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Social media and legal issues – two resources

Former colleague Peter Hoefs from Nixon Peabody spoke at our Branding and Social Media seminar at Bishop Ranch last week on the topic of "Social Media and the Workplace: What Every Employer Should Know". He forwarded a link to this article by Jessica Braverman that appeared in the Contra Costa County Bar Association: “Legal Land Mines of Social Media in Employment Issues”. Braverman covers issues of privacy, notice and monitoring, defamation, harassment, and communications. It will be interesting to see how these issues play out as corporate intranets start to mirror external social networks.

Another resource is FaceTime's "FINRA: Compliance Guide Social Networks, Web 2.0 and Unified Communications" that covers new rules in place for regulated financial institutions. Even the use of something as innocuous as a registered representative's use of a Facebook "like" can get an institution in hot water. The FaceTime white paper is available here, and you can see a presentation on the topic here.