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The AP42 Hybrid Global Resources: A product of the Value-Integrator Organization Model

A quick lesson in the Value-Integrator Organization (VIO) model will help you understand how the Hybrid Global Resources became an important part of our business. Western hierarchical (e.g. military-style hierarchies) organizations that had prospered in the 20th Century faced new challenges in the 21st Century1. These challenges included: information explosion globalization technology improvements time-based competition […]

03 Apr 2014

A Lifetime in a (Google) Instant

Google Instant is what Google calls the feature that shows results as you type. It's been used to get insight into what we think based on what we search for. I was trying to get some insight into a particular demographic age range using Google Instant and decided to widen the window a bit. Here […]

11 Mar 2014

Thoughts on National Employee Appreciation Day

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day, and that inspired some random thoughts on the subject. 1. Having been through the startup experience several times (and as Jason Mraz says, you win some and you learn some) one of the great lessons in going from a handful to a thriving company, is that period when a […]

07 Mar 2014

Optimizing Your Integrated Marketing ROI for 2014

Integrated marketing offers a variety of new ways to reach consumers and clients.  However, the changing marketing landscape has created substantial challenges to seeing return on investments.  If it feels like you spent 2013 chasing a moving target you’re not alone.  Many B2B and B2C companies struggle to implement a unified brand identity across multiple […]

27 Feb 2014

Cisco 5-year net prediction: off by a tenth of a percent

Cisco just released its Visual Networking Index - mobile version, predicting global mobile network traffic from 2013-2018. Highlights indicate (of course), more connections at higher speed, which is to be expected. This year the number of mobile devices is expected to exceed the world's population for the first time. Big differences from today will be […]

14 Feb 2014

Pantone’s color of the year: Radiant Orchid

Every year, Pantone offers its "Color of the Year" and this year it is the pleasingly purplish "Radiant Orchid". We tossed it over to TinEye to grab up some images from Flickr to celebrate the year of the Radiant Orchid.

13 Dec 2013

Why tweeting what you had for breakfast actually does matter

I was listening this week to an interview with an author who repeated a well-worn meme of social-media-aversion: "I didn't think the world was going to care what I had for breakfast." I've heard variations on that theme for quite a while now. In 2008 I sent a former colleague a Twitter search for the name […]

17 Oct 2013

Compare and Contrast: Apple and Don Draper

Apple's new ad, channeling Don Draper? Apple Mad Men

25 Jun 2013

How to make news, not noise (hint…have a plan)

  I want to start blogging. We must have a presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I want to advertise on Google, on the radio, in newspapers, in direct mail. Let’s hold events.   We hear requests like these every week from clients. When we ask “why” they seem confused and wonder if we really […]

01 Mar 2013

Getting Over The Hump Workshop for Leaders and their Teams

You are only ONE great idea away from breakthrough! Every day you face decisions about your business.  Quite often, you go home at night still mulling over challenges you aren't sure how to overcome... as well as mourning the lost opportunities that got away while you were putting out daily fires. Each year on January […]

24 Jan 2013